Monday, May 24, 2010

summertime resolutions.

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Work is busy; home is busy, and I'm literally counting down to next weekend when J.J. and I can spend a fun, quiet, restful weekend together. In preparation for the end of this crazy month we call May, some summertime resolutions are in order:

- Just say no. With Jordan’s schedule about to go haywire (new job, bar exam prep), we’re choosing to back out of some commitments. We were disappointed at first, but now I’m thinking it’s for the best. We all need a break sometimes, a little space to refresh and rejuvenate. Summer is the perfect time to practice saying no.

- Time together. When I say Jordan’s schedule is about to go bananas, what I really mean is he’ll be working until 5:30, then taking a bar prep course from 6 until 10 every evening. I want to save some of our weekends for the occasional date in the middle of this crazy life we’ll be living. To clarify resolution one, then: I want to say no to certain things and yes to each other.

- Turn off the TV. Most of “my shows” are going on hiatus for the summer anyway (and is it me, or has The Office finally run its course?), and with Jordan out of the house, I want to read (I’ve got some really great recommendations coming your way) and create. I have a mental list of projects up my sleeve (handmade cards, a t-shirt quilt, and some going away gifts) and books in the corner practically begging to be read.

- Get a tan. My new Tuesday afternoons no longer consist of running party errands. Instead, I’m going to lounge by the pool (and maybe tackle some laundry). Once school starts, I know my moments for relaxation will be limited. I need to take advantage of the vitamin D while I can, and you know what? I'm not going to feel guilty about it!

- School days. Speaking of school, I’ve got several things to do to prepare for grad school in the fall. I need to focus, turn my mental lists into literal lists, and get busy so when August 23 comes around, I’ll be prepared.

- Plan a trip. We need to celebrate Jordan’s graduation, just the two of us, and our window of time begins after the bar exam and before that impending grad school start date. I’m California-dreaming, but that’s probably out of our price range. Ideas? (No cruises, please.)

- One last hurrah. I’d like to throw an end of summer lawn party; I’ve got loads of inspiration floating around in my head…

Ah. I’m already feeling better about things. Goodness knows, I do love a good list. What do you want to accomplish (or not accomplish!) this summer?


Lindsey said...

I want to accomplish way too much, but first on my list is the next 6 weeks of classes.

But what I really wanted to suggest is a trip to North Carolina. Maybe it's just me, but I think it's one of the most beautiful places around! Either that or have you ever wanted to go to Key West. It'll be hot, but very appropriate for a summer getaway.

p.s. This post inspires me to get myself together, and make some resolutions of my own. Starting with: don't work life away.

katie said...

an end of summer bash sounds super fun!

Kari said...

I like the idea of having a big end of summer bash, too. Maybe I should plan one of those. Usually we have a party around the 4th of July (AKA Birthday Eve, since my birthday is the 5th), but it might be nice to change it up.