Tuesday, May 25, 2010

observations on a women's retreat.

{our t-shirt design}

This past weekend was our church's annual women's retreat, and although I didn't take a single picture, I did want to share with you some truths I learned while away:

1. Pranks involving dead animals are not just for men's retreats.

2. The same goes for snoring--and talking in your sleep. Men, guess what? The secret's out. We're not that much different from you after all.

3. And while we're on the subject of men, can I just say that a women's retreat sans chicken salad sandwiches is already a success in my book? Grouper, quail, chicken, AND fried cornbread? Yes, please.

4. I may be the only female who knows how to pack for an overnight trip in one tote bag. Thank you, Mom.

5. Women singing together to the Father will always sound like angels. Even if your own voice is pathetically off-key.

6. Too often we dwell on what other people think, and we allow others' ideas and opinions (true or not) hold us back. Instead, we should be focused on what God thinks and let the chips fall where they may. What a freeing concept!

7. We can't let fear or insecurity stop us from using the gifts God has given us.

8. Despite my love for men, hanging out with a bunch of women isn't such a bad thing. Now, there will be more tears. More emotion. More hormones. But if I adhere to #6 and #7--and if I see others as God sees them--our time together will always be a blessing.

9. The happy snapshots of our lives are often born out of hurt and heartache. But every single snapshot is a part of our overall story and deserves to be shared.

10. I used to think women's retreats were for one kind of woman--and I wasn't one of them. But sometimes, I think you get lucky, and God decides He's going to prove you wrong. I am so glad when He does.

Thanks to the ladies at Timberlane for their efforts to make a retreat that a woman of any age could enjoy and learn from. I love what happens when God shows up and does His thing! He truly has a heart for His daughters.

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katie said...

did you design the shirt??

I love retreats - I need to propose this idea to our ladies class!