Friday, May 7, 2010

the one where i sit on the sixth row.

Was I crazy to attend a concert in the middle of party-planning week? 


Would I have been even more crazy to turn down a free sixth row ticket? 

Most definitely. 

clearly, my fuzzin is a fan.

take one.

take two. countdown to carrie.

what else would you wear to a country music concert?

and there she is. and she is tiny. really, really tiny. the rock on her finger, however, is not.

she's also really, really good live.

and even better from (did I mention this already?) the sixth row.

why hello, carrie. you are adorable.

and thank you for singing "some hearts." it's my personal fave.

although, "mama's song" nearly had me in tears. props to you there.

oh, and here's one more, sans zoom. you know, from my sixth. row. seat.

carrie gave them an air hug from the stage. i think they almost wet their pants.


I can't believe I left without a picture with my aunt and uncle, who continue to take me to concerts for free... I owe them big. 

{Oh, and, a special shout-out to the other fuzzin, not pictured since, um, I took her ticket.}


Brooke Bailey said...

me=jealous. She is SO GOOD live.

Jennifer Crow said...

Man!! I'm super jealous! I know I owe you an's coming!! I promise! Just let me get into the new house and I'll have a chance to write it! May 17th!!! YAY! love you.

Auntie M said...

Well, congrats, Annie! Great pics; I know you all had a blast - glad you were able to go! "Temporary Home" would have just sent me over the edge, since just on the radio i break down every time i hear it - thinkin of my sweet momma, i guess! Love you lots and see you tonite! Auntie M