Thursday, May 27, 2010

becoming a branch.

Our final class with the high schoolers was last night. As I’ve mentioned before, this class — or age group, I can't be sure — has been tricky. But the truth is, the past few weeks have taught me so much about myself, about parenting, about what has changed since I was in high school (and what has stayed exactly the same).

And we’re going to miss these kids. Just because the class has been a challenge does not mean we haven’t fallen in love with the students we teach.

I think it’s how God thinks about us sometimes. He looks down on us and wonders: Do they get it yet? Do they see what I see?

And despite the fact that we don’t get it, that we can’t see whatever it is He sees, He loves us. He just keeps on loving us.

He doesn’t give up.

And neither will we.

We’ll be back in the fall to teach a class on dating (I promise it will be more fun than it sounds!). Until then, I’m working with three other girls to start a high school girls’ Bible study at my home this summer.

I know I said no commitments, but I’ve felt a nudging that I can’t ignore. So every Thursday night, with God’s blessing, we’ll be gathering together for a time of study, and fun and fellowship, something these girls don’t often get to do together.

If you’re a praying person, please be praying for the spiritual growth of these girls, and that this summer will be just what they need.

God has shown me so much in the past few months, and perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that He knows what’s going on so much better than I do, than I ever will.

He knows the hearts and minds of the teens we’re trying to reach, and we are only His vessels.

My brother Chet is serving as a youth intern up in Memphis this summer. (I am so proud.) Recently, he shared with our mom the story of the sycamore tree (found here). Basically, what the entire story boils down to is this:

We don’t do the rescuing. We are not in the business of saving.

That’s Jesus’ job. It’s what He came to earth to do.

We’re just the sycamore trees.

We’re just the people who help others find Him easier. Our only task is to do our best to help others get a better picture of the Savior.

It takes a little bit of pressure off, doesn’t it? It comforts me that my task is really quite simple: I’m just a branch in someone’s salvation story.

This summer, that’s my goal. Even if only two girls come. Even if the response is less than we expected.

My job is just to help these girls see Jesus more clearly.

I’m just the branch.

And so are you.

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