Friday, April 16, 2010

update: 29 days.

If you're here looking for my "finding our purpose" post, it's been removed. I wrote it several days ago, and for some reason, it published today. Remember, the decision has been made, and we're moving on; no need to post old feelings that have since passed. Instead, read about my 29-days journey, and join me in the next round!

"When I am in service to another person, I am moving from a place of self-centeredness to selflessness." - Mbali Creazzo

My 29 days of giving have come to a close. Here's a little recap of what I gave each day:

1. Anonymous notes to neighbors.

2. Outdoor movie with Jordan.

3. Cards to young men at our church.

4. Email to a loved one. One of the hardest gifts, but it helped me grow.

5. Clean bedroom for Jordan.

6. Birthday gift to our minister's wife. Loved the look on her face!

7. Anonymous gift to a girl in our youth group. This was one of the most fun gifts-- I felt so top secret!

8. Baseball game for a kid in our youth group. Again, the look on this guy's face... Giving is so worth it!

9. Dinner with a friend who was hurting.

10. Design for our church's VBS brochure.

11. Email to a dear friend letting her know she's loved.

12. Dinner for a visiting cousin.

13. Note for a kid at our church.

14. Passover dinner for family.

15. Easter baskets for Jordan's mom and sister.

16. Easter basket for Jordan's grandmother.

17. Candy for my cousin.

18. Blog help and Gilmore Girls DVDs for a friend.

19. Scarves to my mother.

20. Blog redesign.

21. "Passing the Bar" board game (yes, there is such a thing!) to Jordan.

22. Downtown Getdown (including funnel cake and barbecue) with cousins.

23. Disc golf with cousins.

24. Flip-flops to the fuzzin.

25. Dinner to a friend and her family.

26. Shopping with my mother for a new outfit.

27. Fun packages to two fellow bloggers and friends.

28. Teaching.

29. Groceries for pancake breakfast for friends.


This journey of giving started when our book club began reading this book by Cami Walker. The book opened my eyes to purposeful, intentional giving (my first recap can be seen here). My own 29 days were challenging, especially as I realized that all giving doesn't have to be monetary. It was actually Jordan who would remind me of the giving I'd done some days-- giving that maybe wasn't monetary in nature but was giving nonetheless.

I'm going to keep giving. My first 29 days have come to a close, but I don't want to stop. I think giving something specific and intentional each day takes the focus off of me. I stop worrying about me, my life, and my concerns and instead dwell on others and what I can do to make others happy.

The books I've been reading lately are all about making a difference, about being the best version of yourself, because that's what people need.

So, on Saturday, April 17, I'm going to begin round 2 of my 29 days. I'd love some of you to join in this journey.

If you'd like to travel these 29 days together, send me a quick email (link to the right), or comment on this post. We can encourage each other through the giving process and share insights into what it means to be a generous, thoughtful people.

Let the 29 days start again!

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