Saturday, April 17, 2010

pancake breakfast.

All in all, quite a lovely Saturday.

Thank you, friends!


Twyla said...

Annie, Every detail was delightful! You created magic with the items you chose. Thank you for caring about family and giving new life to pre-loved things. Bravo! Love you!

Jessica said...

the thing that impresses me most is that you found something you wanted to do and you did it. i find things all the time and then i file them away to do later...and never remember to do them. i want to be more like you in that way. find, plan, execute. it looks like it was a lovely get together.

Anonymous said...

Annie, this is Elizabeth. I had such a wonderful time at your beautiful party.

Do you use a color filter with your camera? Or do you tweak it when you get it to your computer? It seems to have a really nice quality, like some color has been filtered out to make the other colors look more intense.

Have a great day!