Monday, April 5, 2010

guess what party i'll be hosting next.

{all images by Our Labor of Love via Design*Sponge}

Seriously, is this not the greatest thing you've seen today?

I'm looking for a free Saturday in April. Who's in for a breakfast party at my place?

I am not even kidding.

*for complete details and party DIY tips, check out this post.


jenna said...

Just one of the many reasons we lived in the same town... I SO wish I could join. Not even kidding.

Brooke Bailey said...

oohhh I saw this and LOVE it. You are just turning into a Rockafeller with all these fun parties :)

Sabrina said...

Too Cute! I make some mean cinnamon sugar pancakes if you want some help:)

Annie Byrne said...

So pretty! I'd love a breakfast party. Can we have champagne anyway? a great way to start a day!

Lindsey said...

oh goodness i wish i was home to attend! this sounds spectacular!