Tuesday, March 9, 2010

life in a brothel.

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Sometimes, I get absolutely sick of myself. Sick of my comfy and cozy apartment, sick of my typical 9-to-5 life, sick of Dave Ramsey telling me what to do so I can be a bajillionaire before I die.

I get sick because I'm not sure that's what I'm supposed to be doing.

Born into Brothels, a documentary that I first read about via my friend Betsy's blog, is currently available free from OnDemand*, and I spent about an hour of my Saturday watching children forced to choose between a life of prostitution or a life of education and promise. For those children, that choice was not as easy as it sounds.

The film is painful to watch, but the children are beautiful. My heart was broken as I watched their sweet, innocent faces beam at the prospect of a different life than the one they'd been born into. Then I watched as their mothers yelled at them, called them ugly names, and forced so many of them back into the life that offers so little hope.

As I watched, I wondered: Should I really be sitting in my warm house with blankets, drinking Juicy Juice, listening to a dishwasher run?

Aren't we called to help those precious children live the life God designed for them?

Please, no excuses. I'm tired of hearing them.

Well, that's fine for some people. But I'm just not called to do that. 

Where do I write a check? Once I have some money in the bank, I'll give a donation. 

I'll pray for them. 

That's a fine ministry, but I feel my ministry is right here. [Really? In your ginormous house with heat and air-conditioning? Away from anything uncomfortable? How convenient for you.]

I'm guilty of those same excuses, and I'm tired of it.


While I'm young, healthy, and capable of traveling and moving about sans children, shouldn't I be busy being His hands and feet-- in the most literal sense?

I don't think I should be waiting until I'm out of debt or until I have all my ducks in a row to do that. I just don't.

So how do I get busy? And just because I'm busy in Tallahassee, does that mean I don't get busy elsewhere?

I guess what I am saying is: I am tired of the lukewarm life.

Are you?

{More information about Kids with Cameras and Born into Brothels here and here.}

*Please, stop what you are doing and watch the film. It will be so well worth your time. 

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melissa richie said...

thanks for your sweet comment. i hope that this season will be sweet for you and your husband as you figure out what the Lord has planned for you.

i look forward to perusing your blog. any friend of cory's is a friend of mine :)