Monday, March 8, 2010

just keep swimming.

{photo from here via here}

today started well and is ending well.
but the in-between needed some work.
things aren't turning out like we prayed.
and i am stuck.
horribly, horribly stuck.
and as i stood tonight in the shower,
washing away the day
i thought:
now wait a minute.
you are being ridiculous.
you are healthy.
your family is healthy.
you have a warm, safe, lovely home.
today was sunny and 70 degrees.
your life is more than you could have imagined.
turn that frown upside down.


in short, i had a pollyanna moment.
turns out, i've got a whole lot to be thankful for.
so i made a list.
a "things to be glad about" list.
without further ado
here it is.


a b.f.f. to share life's frustrations and pleasantries with
sandra getting an oscar
freelance checks
dinner in a crockpot, ready when i walk in the door
a good read
warm showers
free food provided by my thoughtful, loving family
coca for mi casa
clean towels
sunny patio
parents who love and would do anything for me
a job i enjoy
clean sheets
fresh flowers
mason jars
reminders of italy
brown sugar oatmeal
getting up on time
lunch dates
lazy sundays
a budget that works
march madness on the horizon
sitting on my couch, enjoying my home


seriously, that is a long list.
i need to take a deep breath.
my life is glorious.
it is touched by the hand of the Creator.
so whom and what shall i fear?
i can tell
that right now is some tough you-know-what.
some mean curve balls we weren't expecting.
but in comparison to so many
we have it so very easy
so very good.
and so i will trust
that Someone else will
pull us through.

yet again.


Jennifer Crow said...

Annie- what's been going on? What do you mean it's not turning out the way you prayed it would? I need you!! I'm really hoping this family reunion trip works out...should be lots of fun!

Jordan Jones said...

Great post. I love you like crazy, as does God. :)