Tuesday, February 16, 2010

an overdue birthday post.

Yep. That's a crown. Happy birthday to me.

Color cupcakes. Recipe here.

Did I mention she came to see me? What more could a girl want on her birthday?

Um, cupcakes. Yep. Cupcakes.

Delicious. Trust me.

And the fuzzins came. Of course. What is a birthday without fuzzins?

The final product.

Didn't it turn out fabulous?? Inspired by this.

An all-girls movie night. {Sandra Bullock movies, naturally.} Can I plan your party next?

Birthday month is almost over. 

Spring better be around the corner. 


Anonymous said...

dear spring...i miss you. i need you!!! agreed, annie!!!

Jessica said...

oh my!!! i love it! what a fun party!

Lindsey said...

what a wonderful party! i'm so sad i couldn't celebrate with you. but it looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

You Are My Fave said...

Happy very belated birthday. That table set up is so great. I love the garland!