Friday, February 5, 2010

fossil clothes + a glasses conundrum.

Clearly, someone has kept me under the dark, and for far too long.

Fossil makes women's clothing.

Thank you, Lucky magazine for bringing me into the light.

It's obvious that I've been missing out.

And, just to bring some practicality to this post (because goodness knows I can't afford any of this stuff right now*), check out the eyeglasses on girl #3. Yay or nay? Jordan and I are both in serious need of some eyeware, and as soon as the next paycheck comes, we'll  be taking the plunge.

So what you do think? Too nerdy? Or just nerdy enough?

*Though, let it be known these outfits are cheaper than any one item from Anthropologie.


Brooke Premo said...

I loooove those frames. I actually bought some frames just like that, and I'm still saving up for a new eye exam b/c I have crummy insurance. Gee, how alike we are with our tastes and meager budgets!

You could definitely pull it off!

Lindsey said...

perfectly nerdy! since i can't get prescription glasses i have to live through you. so i say go for it!!!