Tuesday, February 23, 2010

church league basketball.

Remember in Remember the Titans, when the little girl gets all fired-up while watching her daddy's team play football?


That girl is me.

Except, there are no championships at stake. Nor are racial barriers trying to be broken.


This is just church league basketball.

And every time I watch a game, my heart beats faster and my chest tightens.


It reminds me of when Chet played high school basketball. I would go to the games and get so mad. Fouls? Missed shots? That's my brother, for crying out loud! With each missed three (or made three!), my blood pressure would spike. I was secretly relieved when Chet chose to pursue other interests. Watching him play wasn't good for my overall mental--or physical--well-being.

Fast forward to this winter, when Jordan began playing church league basketball. Chet plays too, and the padre coaches, so I am invested in this. Probably even more than they are.

And, boy, do I yell.

So I get some funny looks.

Much like Hayden did back in the day.

That's good company, right? I mean, she's pretty successful these days.

And look how cute she was during Remember the Titans. You didn't find her obnoxious, did you? I mean, she was adorable, right?

I hope I come across as adorable.

And not creepy.

Though I'm beginning to wonder...

{Side note: How come when guys get all intense on the court or on the field, it's called athleticism, but when a girl gets intense it's weird and over-the-top? Please, someone tell me. I'd like to know. Also, do you think my sideline reactions could be some kind of subconscious response to the fact that I CAN'T PLAY SPORTS? Again, analyses are welcome. And one more thing: I do kind of know what I'm talking about. I mean, I have basketball in my genes. So I don't think my comments are uncalled for... Mostly.}

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Brooke Premo said...

Ha! That's so funny. I'm proud of you; I can never muster enough passion for sports.

P.S. totally did not realize that was Hayden!