Monday, January 11, 2010

how to recover from post-christmas blues.

Wondering what to do now that your house is all blah from lack of sparkling lights and evergreen trees?

Me too.

So I made do with what I have (due to post-Christmas budget).

And here is what I came up with.

So, what do you think? How are you ridding yourself of the post-Christmas blues?

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Jordan Jones said...

I am exacerbating my "post-Christmas blues" by delving into the federal income tax code.

Cory said...

annie dear, thanks for the shout out. your home is beautiful, beautifully organized and grown-up. way to channel those energies into something productive.

jenna said...

Well, I haven't had to try to recover yet. I have been out of town so much that my tree and all of the Christmas decor is still brightening my living room! (It will probably be another week before I find the time to take it all down). But when that time does come, you have given me some beautiful ideas! Love you Annie!

Cassimus T. said...

Lovely! your home is so cozy :) I've taken everything down...except the tree. Oh, and I left all of the lights up. I've decided they should have a permanant home scattered around my house- it makes it much more magical :D

mod said...

House Beautiful. Decorating Cents. Martha Stewart. All rolled into one fabulous townhome! Girl you got style! Job well done. I'd like to say you're a chip off the ol' block but my house is still in shambles. Come help me:)

Twyla said...

What a calm, lovely retreat you've created! It takes thought, initiative, and desire to re-purpose and rearrange. It's all perfect and better than ever. Jordan is blessed to have a wife who loves her nest. Love you!