Friday, January 8, 2010

chicago, chicago.

Here is what I will always remember about Chicago:


Sure, the architecture is world-renowned.
But modern.

The skyscrapers are breathtakingly tall.
But perhaps too tall?

The shopping is divine.
But expensive.

The food, though... It was perfect.

I think I could get fat there and be quite content.

Rest assured, we didn't just stuff our faces.

We also froze in the sub-zero temperatures.

Saw our reflections in the Bean.

Observed great works of art.

Cheered on the Bulls.

Drank delicious hot chocolate.

Wrote on furniture.

Took a walk down memory lane.

Dared to ride a Ferris wheel.

Visited the home of the Cubs.

Oh, and did I mention ate good food?

Chicago, I will be back. (Jordan, please take note.)

{Future Chicago visitors. You simply must visit: Ann Sathers, for their delicious cinnamon rolls; Tre Kronor, for their melt-in-your-mouth quiche; Billy Goat Tavern, for their famous cheezborgers; Fox & Obel Market, for their yummy grilled cheese; Milk and Honey Cafe for their out-of-this-world desserts; and, of course, Gino's for their Chicago-style pizza.}

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Lindsey said...

aaahhhh this looks and sounds fantastic. can you describe all of the interesting places i could go. i would never stop traveling. seriously.