Tuesday, January 19, 2010

14 days and counting.

My birthday, in my mind, is always a monumental occasion, even when the milestone I'm reaching is a bland-sounding 24. (What kind of birthday is 24? I feel as if it might get lost in the shuffle, what with 25--a quarter of a century!--right around the corner.) And so I am beginning to make preparations for a celebratory event.

Here is what I am wishing for.*

some tennis shoes that will look good with jeans, courtesy of Piperlime

the only designer bag I've ever remotely liked, by Longchamp

a rug to complete our bedroom's mini-makeover, by Amy Butler

a Max Wanger print or t-shirt; I'd be completely content with either

this teal coat rack from Urban Outfitters

a speaker for my iPod (a car adapter would be appreciated, too)

Angry Conversations with God , by Susan Isaacs

jewelry from Jess LC 's collection

anything by emersonmade

headbands that don't pinch my brain, courtesy of Heart of Light

decorative keys by Pottery Barn

a Glee cd to help me cope until April

anything and everything from Anthropologie (naturally)

*admittedly, this list seems a little silly in light of the crisis in Haiti. But more on that later.

1 comment:

jenna said...

You have given me some great ideas for things I'd like... Hope you have a fabulous birthday in (now) 13 days! Maybe you will get a bunch of this stuff! :)