Wednesday, December 2, 2009

and, oh, by the way.

Speaking of books, I want these.

At $10 each (or $53 for a set of six)*, I personally think they’re a steal. And, really, works of art.

People who love and buy gifts for me, take note.

*Apparently, you can find these for even less money at Amazon.


Anonymous said...

I just used the Borders coupon you and Julie mentioned on Monday. I am not so refined though...I got a frivilous read, a book all about being the first born! Should be fun:)

chet said...

I'll take,

St. Augustine- Confessions of a Sinner, Friedrich Nietzche- Why am I so Wise, George Orwell- Why I Write

Henry David Thoreau- Where I lived and What I Lived For, Plato-Symposium

Leo Tolstoy- A Confession, George Orwell- Books vs. Cigarettes, Soren Kierkegaard- The Sickness Unto Death

I can't wait till I am old and extremely well read.