Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy thanksgiving back.

Thanks to everyone for the calls and texts I received following yesterday’s post. Your prayers and thoughts are so appreciated! My grandmother is back home now, doing well. I’m anxiously awaited the arrival of today’s mail, in hopes that Faulkner did come through after all. They did not. Ah, well. Some things in this life are out of my control.

Really, though, today I’m focusing on what’s important. I’m printing Christmas cards, baking cookies, and counting my blessings.

Today, I am grateful.

For my husband and partner, who loves me unconditionally (even when the laundry and dirty dishes are piled miles high). For my delightful, close-knit family, who I’m learning are a true and rare gift. For faithful friends and kindred spirits, long-distance and nearby. For my cozy little home. For the hope of the unknown. For the past year. For a new job I enjoy. For cold sheets I can snuggle under. For pages and pages of good books. For locally-owned restaurants. For money to pay the bills. For one last semester of law school. For the possibility of a graduate education. For writing. For calm, soothing music. For travel

Mostly, for salvation and the Savior.

For a life blessed beyond what I could have ever asked or imagined.

I am grateful.

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