Saturday, September 12, 2009

cabin for two, please.

Blogging has been spotty of late (thanks to minor life changes and colds that have zapped all energy and creative thought from my body), but normal programming will resume shortly.

Until then, join me as I dream of flannel shirts and cabins on Cape Cod. 

No, seriously. 

I want to rent a cabin on Cape Cod. Just for a long weekend. Jordan, I think we can afford it. 

So who's with me? Let's live Thoreau style for a couple of days.

All photos from Vacation Rentals By Owner. Pretty cheap, actually. Definitely worth checking out.


Lindsey said...

the first one seems to have a good amount of trees and run around room - major plus.

but the third one looks so cute and welcoming.

please do this so i can take a vacation vicariously through you.

Anonymous said...

Def. go, it would be worth eating hotdogs and greenbeans for a while to save up money:)