Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i love the husband, but...

This is right on target*: 

The following incident took place last night, after four days of my own cold-like symptoms, laying on the couch, relentless sneezing, and I'm-not-at-work-but-I-need-to-be stress.

Annie: Will you please fix me some soup?

Jordan: Sure. He proceeds to bang around in the kitchen, frustrated he can't find a spoon.

A: Have you looked in the dishwasher? 

J: Annoyed. Yes. They're dirty.

A: Equally annoyed. Yes, but isn't there a spoon in there from soup I had earlier today?

J: No response, because A is right. He brings a bowl of soup to the living room.

A: Is everything okay? 

J: Yes. Pause. You just seem really grumpy.

A: Shockingly drops her spoon. Well, I have been sick for four days. I can't breathe and nothing tastes good. So, yeah, I am a little grumpy. 

J: Silence.

A: You seem a little grumpy too. Is something wrong?

J: Long pause. Well, I've had a really hard day. 

A: What's the matter? 

And as I blow my nose and sneeze into my increasingly cold soup, I listen to my dear husband vent about his horrible day. Because nothing (not even four days of cold symptoms) is more horrible then the impending realization that soon you will graduate and join your wife in the real world. 

That is the story of how my cold turned into his bad day.

The joys of being a spouse are endless.**

*My husband grew up in a home where bells were given to those who were sick, so they could ring out their needs at any given time. I think this explains a lot about the man I married.

**Please note: I love my husband. But I do feel it's necessary to document these real-life events for the sake of humor. 

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katie said...

ahh marriage... what's funny after the fact, definitely wasn't funny then. We have plenty of those moments.