Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So, Tallahassee doesn't have the most extensive collection of cupcake places. In fact, I've really only found one that I absolutely love. (The Cake Shop, if you're a local.)

Not to worry, though, because today, I solved my cupcake dilemma.

Saint Cupcake in Portland offers an online shop and a delivery of their cupcakes anywhere in the U.S. For $21 (including shipping!), you get three cupcakes, three types of icing, and three types of sprinkles. Maybe this is a little pricey for some, but just playing around with your order makes the cost worth it. Seriously, so fun.

Next time a friend of mine has a birthday, this is coming their way. It beats a Starbucks gift card by a long shot.

{Thanks to simplesong for the tip!}


katie said...

this is so cute! it showed up in my Real Simple newsletter today... happy birthday to me!

Anonymous said...

I had $3 cupcakes in D.C. and they were delicious:) At first I was a little taken aback by the price, but they were soooo good:) I sat there and savored it (I did not wolf it down greedily as those do who don't have etiquette).

jenna said...

My birthday is April 13th, fyi. ;)