Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i got tagged.

Ashley tagged me in a little blogging game, so I did some hunting. Here are the treasures I found...

1. A picture from one of the best days of your life. 

November 22, 2008. So much fun!

2. A picture of a memory that you will never forget. 

Graduation day!

3. A picture of you and your oldest friend. 

Best friends since age 8.

4. A picture of you that you didn't know was being taken. 

Looking for shells along Cape San Blas.

5. A picture that you don't like of yourself.

On our honeymoon. I look like I'm 12. With a receding hairline.

6. A picture of a time in your life that's over, and you couldn't be more grateful that it is. 

Being president of a girls' social club. Why did I do that to myself?

7. A picture of a time in your life that's over, and you wish it wasn't. 

I miss Italy almost every day.

8. A picture of you with someone you love. 

The padre.

And the madre.

9. A picture of your club/team. 

I made two touchdowns that year. Please see #15.

10. A picture of you making a goofy face. 

I found this on Facebook. I have no clue what I'm doing.

11. A picture of you on your birthday or favorite holiday. 

Ironically, my birthday happens to be my favorite holiday.

12. A picture of you being ridiculous. 

Packing up to head back to Faulkner.

13. A picture of you and someone you miss. 

Love this girl and miss her a lot.

14. A picture of you when you were a different person than you are now. 

Faulkner, freshman year. Wow.

15. A picture of how you want the world to see you. 

In the words of John Mayer: "Bigger than my body gives me credit for." 

In conquering delicious dinners and life.

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