Friday, August 14, 2009

look what i found!

Some things to share with you before I head out of here:

- Everyday Minerals. If you use mineral makeup, I think this site is worth checking out. I'm more of a Bare Minerals girl, but these prices may change my mind. Plus, you can order a free sample (shipping cost is around $3) to test it out before ordering. The entire starter kit is just $34... What one foundation costs from Bare Minerals. My free sample came yesterday. I'll let you know what I think!

- Press and Post. This Etsy shop will send you a letterpress card, envelope, and vintage stamps each month with the idea that you'll share the love. The shop offers a one, three, or six month subscriptions; I think it's a fabulous idea, especially if you love sending a pretty note to friends and family.

- Sixx Design. I know I'm way behind on posting about this, but didn't this do a fabulous job on that house (above)? I could definitely live there! Check out their portfolio for some serious eye candy.

- Sharpie pens. If you're getting ready for school (or just need an excuse to go down the school supply aisle), check out Sharpie pens. They're my new favorite thing. I love them. LOVE them.

- This cute little French girl. Watching this video completely got me out of my frustrated mood. How great is it that this little girl is putting her internet "fame" to good use? Her drawings re being sold online, with proceeds going to EduRelief. P.S.~ I think I need to learn French.

Happy weekend!

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