Wednesday, August 12, 2009

go see this.

So, last night, ironically after one of the biggest dinner disasters of our marriage, Jordan and I went to see Julie & Julia.

I had issues with the book. Wasn't a huge fan.

Then I read the NY Times review, found out about Julie's affair, and have been kind of bummed and annoyed by the whole thing.

But this movie.

I love it.

Seriously. Drop what you are doing and go see it.

That's pretty much what we did, and I have no regrets.

See, I'm no cook.

(As evidenced by last night's goat cheese pizza debacle.)

But honestly, this movie is about more than just food.

(Although, the food did look amazing. I could almost taste it.)

It was about marriage.

Support systems.


Discovering yourself.

Defining yourself.

In one of the final scenes (no spoilers; don't worry!), Julia-- played hilariously by Meryl Streep -- stands on her front porch and opens the package she's been waiting eight long years for.

Her book.

The book she's slaved over, shed tears over, worked endlessly over.

And I got teary.

Because, gosh, I want that to be me.

I want to do something with my life.

I want to write a book.

And I want to feel it in my hands.

To turn the pages and know

I did it.

The look of joy Julia/Meryl got when that book was in her hands...

I want that.

So this movie, it's more than food.

It's about self-discovery and triumph.

About finally discovering what you're good at, and then going for it.

Go see this movie. You'll really be glad you did.


Jessica said...

I might just go this afternoon. Again, could we be more alike? I've been void of inspiration for a while, but am starting to feel a desire to blog again. I might start back soon...if you're even still interested.

annie said...

You should definitely go! And, yes, please begin blogging again! I've missed you!

Morgan P. said...

This is a movie right up "Annie Alley"! It's so like you! I'm super glad you enjoyed it!! MISS YOU!

Betsy said...

I will definitely be going to see this! I have been wanting too, but hadn't heard any opinions on it yet. You made it sound even better, and now I'm more excited than ever about going to see it. I have a feeling that, like you, I will also want write my own book afterwards!