Monday, July 6, 2009

the kitchen.

May it never be said that the Joneses don't take care of their rentals.

Below, a glimpse into our little kitchen that was. I believe it hadn't been updated since the 70s. Except the wallpaper. Which, believe it or not, was "new." Right.

It's amazing what a few new ceiling tiles, a gallon of paint, and a window treatment will do. Here's the breakdown:

Paint: Buxton Blue by Benjamin Moore (mixed at Lowe's)
Curtains: Waverly fabric, sewn by mi madre
Ceiling tiles: Lowe's, purchased by the homeowner and my parents
Shade: Lowe's, purchased for the previous apartment
Knobs: Lowe's, purchased for the previous apartment
Bottles: Marshalls, $7.50 and $5.50
Print: "Give Us This Day" by Persimmon and Pink (a housewarming gift from my dear friend Amanda)

Would you like another look? I thought so...

Want some more details?

Spice rack: Wedding gift, Macy's
Cookbook holder: Target
Tea Kettle: Wedding gift, Macy's
Canisters: Vintage from my mom
Silver crock: Target

Based on our purchases, I'd say it cost $75 for the total "transformation." And even though we're still renting, this is our home. It needs to look and feel like ours. With the help of friends and family, we're well on our way! What do you think?


jenna said...

Incredible!! Come to Huntsville and help me, please!

katie said...

that looks so great, Annie! Is the floor brick? If so, that's awesome!

annie said...

It's actually just tile that looks like brick... But I love the look it gives us! One day, maybe I'll have a real brick floor in my home...

Twyla said...

It's young, happy, beautiful!

Weezie said...

Buxton blue is one of my favorites! I've used it for myself and for my clients...I just specified it this morning! The kitchen looks fantastic!