Tuesday, June 23, 2009

it takes a village.

If you ever think you can go it alone, just pinch yourself. You’re dreaming. Even Thoreau had neighbors.

This week is moving week. We’re painting the new place, packing the old place, and preparing for the drama that inevitably comes with ginormous life change. (Even if the life change is a move one mile down the street.)

To add to the general stress of moving, Jordan and I are both headed out of town this week. Brilliant, I know. He’s headed to Orlando for a moot court competition, and I’m headed to Austin for the 2009 HOW Design conference (so. exciting.). If we ever thought we would be able to do this move on our own, we were sadly mistaken. We won’t even be in town for the better part of this week.

And it’s moments like these when you realize: Thank God for family.

Or, to be more specific, thank God for my family.

For the dad who spends his weekend priming walls and painting doors.

For the mom who sews custom curtains and deep cleans.

For the aunt who pays for two cans of paint and fixes dinner.

For the uncle who takes off work to paint your bedroom.

For the aunt who helps tackle the guestroom.

I wonder, where would I be without these people?

I’m just not sure. Especially this week.

It’s true what they say: It takes a village.

And you know what?

I’m okay with that.

Because this time next week, Jordan and I will be in a new place to call home.

No thanks to anything we’ve done.

But due to the hard work and love of a family I proudly call mine.

Thank you.


Jessica said...

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but this post brought a tear to my eye. My family is so tight and they're just like what you described here. I'm glad that someone else gets to experience a life like that.

annie said...

No need to be embarrassed... I'm just happy to know you have a generous family too! God has been good to us!