Friday, April 3, 2009

some weekly finds.

Thank you all for making my day on Wednesday by voting on a new business card design. I think I’m going to go with the consensus and try out option 1… It depends on how all that brown ink winds up printing! I’ll definitely let you see the final results.

A little round-up of what I’ve found fascinating this week:

This article that proves what I’ve been trying to tell my friends all along: voicemail is becoming obsolete.

The sunshine in these rooms that made Tallahassee’s Seattle-like weather more bearable. (I collected these throughout the week and cannot remember where they are from! Maybe Design*Sponge?)

A widget that allows me to color my labels in Gmail... Maybe this is old news, but it thrills me to no end.

An idea to cover my disgusting-looking refrigerator with wallpaper. Genius!

These helpful “start-your-own” business tips.

This cute apron that I could get for about $12 bucks thanks to this discount.

A website that reignites my love for words by pairing them with beautiful photography.

What is it I love about these address labels? I’m not quite sure, but I downloaded and used them anyway. Other cute options found here. (I heart free downloads, don't you?)

And while we’re on the subject of address labels, I think being married and changing your name deserves a nice mailing address stamp for all those handwritten notes I send out (seriously, I do!). If I could, I'd choose between a couple of these options. Unfortunately, our address probably isn't really permanent enough to invest. Maybe one day...

Have a lovely weekend! I'm headed to Birmingham to see an old friend, spend time with the in-laws, and see Wicked at the BJCC. Hooray!

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Anonymous said...

I hope voicemail never goes out of style!! I am a pro and would go into depression if I could not have a mini conversation with the answering machine:)