Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A milestone. {or, what your degree won't teach you.}

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Today, after nearly two years in the working world, a breakthrough occurred.

See, at work, I am the quiet one, and it's a label I've grown accustomed to. (High school years with the same label gave me some experience.)

Don't get me wrong: I say what I think. But the thinking... That's the key. I think a lot before I say something-- on the job, anyway.

Others might perceive this silence-over-speech to mean that I am timid. I prefer prudent. Semantics, I guess.

Either way, I've struggled for a while now with whether prudence is always the best choice in a working environment.

Does it pay to keep your mouth shut? Or does the boss want your opinion to be voiced and heard?

I'm not sure, but I figure giving my opinion won't necessarily hurt.

So today, when I had the rare chance to make a point over something I was fairly passionate about, I did.

I even included a little language (of the crap variety) to express how seriously I felt on the issue.

What I said got reactions.

I made people listen.

I think I may have even earned a little bit of their respect.

I guess you could say I'm learning. Giving my opinion is important, and I think it may often be appreciated.

But I also believe that the reason my opinion often counts is because I rarely offer it.

My coworkers and employers realize that if I choose to give my thoughts on a subject, they must be important.

So, balance. Offer opinions? Absolutely. But choose wisely which opinions to share.

Oh, office life. You are teaching me so much.


Aspects of the working world I have yet to figure out:

- Apologize for things I didn't do?
- Accept work I know isn't mine?
- Stick it out or try something new?

Why my professors didn't mention these issues in my classes is beyond me.

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