Friday, April 24, 2009

it's weekend time again.

Photo via Life magazine.

I’m feeling better after last night’s post thanks to dear family and friends, and I’m ready to embark on weekend adventures. Check out these web findings from the week:


This story reminding me of the blessings that come with recession (namely, simple living and… nicer rental homes! Who knew?). {via simple lovely}

The cutest shoes I’ve ever seen.

A great deal on a MacBook (yes, I’m leaning that direction…). Too bad no store locations in Florida!

A friend’s passion for exciting new endeavors. (Anyone know where I can take a letterpress class in Tallahassee?)

The beautiful photography and photo-editing seen here.

These calling cards that have me waffling about designing my own. {via cup of joe}

I can’t believe the fun freebies and useful coupons found at this site.


Jordan’s going to be doing some serious studying while I help renovate our young professionals’ classroom this weekend. Plus I’ll be celebrating two birthdays (including my mom’s… touching tribute to come) and a bridal shower. Whew!

Happy weekending!

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Jessica said...

Thanks for these great links. I'm so sad that the shoes are sold out in my size. They are super cute.