Wednesday, March 4, 2009

some thoughts on business travel.

where i'd like to be. via sam mcadam.

traveling in miami for work. that's what i'm doing right now. it's the second of three trips i'm taking with the boss in a span of three weeks. so, naturally, i've got some thoughts:

- traveling for work not as glamorous as previously thought. yes, you have a fabulous big screen tv, but the toilet paper is cheap.

- also, i personally hate not having my own hair products.

- how do people look good after getting off of a prop plane?

- south florida doesn't really amaze me like the northeast does. but, i do think miami is uniquely beautiful. of course, i'd prefer to see it with the husband.

- there isn't enough small talk in the world to prevent awkward silences between you and your boss on long car rides.

- michael scott may not be an entirely fictional character.

- people should read airplane guidelines before traveling if they haven't flown in the last five years. please, for all of our sakes. you do not want to get mowed down by my rolling suitcase. trust me.

- i am still not old enough to rent a car without paying a significant fee.

- if you have a cold when you leave for miami, you'll still have a cold when you get there. only it might be even worse, due to the climate change and all. i believe the difference between tallahassee and miami right now is about 30 degrees. just saying, the sun did not clear my sinuses.

- between the crazy climate change, the sickness, and the airplane gross-ness (i love to fly, but let's face it... germs are floating around in there), my face will break out and i will look like a 15-year-old teen in the throes of adolescence instead of the 23-year-old professional that i am. bummer.

- your hotel will never be on the beach.

- thank goodness for wireless internet.

- if you're cheap like me, per diem is the bomb. of course, if you're out with a crowd and peer pressure sets in... you're probably going to lose some money. again, bummer.

- remember, though, i'm cheap. so i am making money. of course, i won't get reimbursed until later. like, much later. and now i'm broke from traveling. so, you know... that's not a lot of fun.

- you will say something stupid, so don't beat yourself up when it happens. recover gracefully, and pretend it never happened.

- playing chaueffeur (sp?) is tough when you're not sure of the other person's driving preferences. my suggestion? just do what you do. less nerves that way. (if you're driving in boston or miami, though, go ahead and throw caution to the wind. go the speed limit and you die.)

there are so many real-life lessons college doesn't quite teach you, life experiences it doesn't quite prepare you for. traveling with work is, sadly, one of them. here's hoping these lessons help you in your future endeavors.


naturally nina said...

i travel for work too- this post made me laugh!

jenna said...

Travel for my job looks a lot different. It usually involves a bus and about 50 adolescents. Oh, and the church credit card. ;)

Anonymous said...

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