Monday, February 16, 2009

not me monday.

Oh, not me Monday. I don’t participate in you very often, but when I do… it is so therapeutic.
A list of things I did not—absolutely did not—do this week:

I did not break down and buy this gorgeous bag from Anthropologie with my birthday money. After all, I am a generous and practical wife who would much rather use my birthday money for much-needed groceries than for yet another bag to add to my growing collection.

I did not create a duplicate of the gift I gave my husband for Valentine’s Day, nor did I place the duplicate gift on my desk at work, hoping someone would stop by and say what a cute idea it was and where could they get one, whereby I could then tell them I made it and charge them a small sum to make them one too. And I’m definitely not going to post a picture here so you, too, can see what a cute idea it was. That would be tacky.

I did not eat 6 chocolate chip granola bars in one five hour period last week. Nope, not me.

I most certainly did not receive a big brown box from Anthropologie this weekend, nor did I squeal with delight at its beautifully-wrapped packaging and the gorgeous purse inside. Because, remember, I did not order that purse to begin with.

I did not visit my own blog multiple times this week just to admire the new design or increase the number of visitors. That would be narcissistic and illogical. My blog is not that important to me. Not at all.

I did not succumb to buying a CD while standing in line at Starbucks this weekend. Not me. If I had, though, I certainly would not have made the barista go through four different gift cards just so I wouldn’t have to pay cash. Again, not me.

As a loving and responsible wife, I did not wait until 1:00 in the afternoon on Valentine’s Day to buy my husband the perfect card.

The maître’ die at a local restaurant did not laugh in my husband’s face on Saturday night when he discovered we had not made Valentine’s Day reservations, and Jordan and I certainly did not have to do a “walk of shame” in front of all the other reservation-making patrons of said restaurant. I did not follow such an embarrassing event by sitting inside my husband’s car in tears because I am a low-maintenance bride who doesn’t even like Valentine’s Day. No reservations? No big deal, that’s what I always say.

I did not attend a "Welcome to the Family" luncheon held at our church yesterday, since I've been a member there for 23 years and would never exploit my husband's new member status just to get a free meal.

I did not stay up late last night rearranging picture frames to find the best way to display our beautiful wedding pictures, and I certainly didn’t recruit my hard-working law-school-attending husband to help me collect picture frames from around our house to accomplish a new look that ironically, looks very similar to our old look. Just with different pictures. Nope, not me!

I did not hit the snooze button four times this morning hoping I could pretend it wasn’t Monday after all.

And I certainly did not just spend thirty minutes coming up with a list of things I didn't do this week. That would be ridiculous. So, not me!

There you have it. If you want to participate in Not Me! Monday, head over to MckMama's blog to join in the fun. You'll be glad you did. Remember, confession is good for the soul.


Mighty M said...

I love your list - good job buying the purse and NOT spending B-day money on groceries!! So sorry you had to do the walk of shame on Valentine's Day! Hope you had a most lovely night anyways. :-)

Mighty M said...

PS: I love your blog design. I also am not a tad bit obsessive about my blog. That's just wrong. :-)

jenna said...

I love reading these things that you do... err.. didn't do. :)

Anonymous said...

That was quite interesting

Jordan Jones said...

Haha...I didn't realize these were all jokes until I had read through the first few...

Chelsie and Nicholas said...

No way! I would NEVER hit the snooze button to avoid getting out of bed on a Monday.

Great Not Me! Monday!