Friday, February 13, 2009

annie + jordan + picnics = love

As previously mentioned, I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. Too much pressure, too much pink, too many fancy and expensive restaurants, too many crowds… The list goes on and on.

However, I am a huge fan of the picnic.

Third anniversary picnic, Birmingham, Ala., 2007

And so, this year, if weather cooperates (please, please do!), Jordan and I are going to enjoy one of our favorite pastimes. We’ve never been on a picnic for Valentine’s Day, but now that we’re both in Tallahassee, it’s completely doable since spring weather has been teasing us all week.

We’ve been on lots of picnics together: birthday picnics, anniversary picnics, just-to-have-an-adventure picnics. We throw the football, play disc golf, hike, read to each other, eat sandwiches, explore, enjoy the sunshine… We are crazy for picnics. And, also, for each other.

Those are our valentine’s plans. We may go out for dinner, but honestly, the picnic is good enough for me. (Hear that, husband?)

And our back-up plan, should weather not cooperate? An indoor picnic, of course, complete with a movie marathon.

Side note: It took me forever, but I finally came up with an idea of what to get the husband, and I am super excited! I can’t share now (since my husband obliges me by subscribing to this blog), but I’ll be sure to post later about how my gift went over. I’m pretty pumped!


jenna said...


1st of all - I love that picture!

2ndly - I love picnics!

Next point - You guys are adorable!

And last thought - When will I find such love? haha :)

katie said...

Josh and I have yet to explore picnics... ya'll make it look like so much fun! We'll have to try that!