Monday, December 1, 2008

This little life of ours.

It was a crazy Thanksgiving break. Wonderful dinner, hilarious family volleyball match, and amazing macaroni and cheese. Then Jordan catches strep (or some weird variation of the illness). We change travel plans, stay home, watch both of our teams lose (and badly). It absolutely pours rain for two days straight, leaving us with a leaky roof and a bowl full of gross-looking rainwater in our entryway (can I withhold December’s rent check until they fix the problem?). We celebrate Jordan’s birthday with a cookie, some pretty nice-looking khaki pants, and a gift that’s still en-route (he’s going to love it!). I cover our back door with contact paper and make a display of our wedding cards, fulfilling my need to craft-- for the time being.

All in all, it was a rather eventful (though surprisingly relaxing) Thanksgiving, and coming back to work was slightly disappointing, especially with Jordan still in bed this Monday morning.

No worries, though, because I arrived at work this morning to see an email from our wedding photographer! Some wedding shots are up on her blog… Check them out! This might be my favorite (so far):

HOORAY for wedding pictures, and HOORAY for the month of December! I love Christmas, and this year since we finally get to spend the holidays together, Jordan and I are planning on doing something fun each day of this special month. Tonight we’re making an advent calendar (or, more accurately, I’ll be making the advent calendar while Jordan studies for finals… Yuck!). I’m pretty pumped about all this month holds, and I can’t wait to celebrate old traditions and start new ones of our own.

I love this little life!


jenna said...

Those wedding pictures are absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait to see more! You best bring the album when you come here in March!! Speaking of... we should start talking details of this kinda soon! :)

Love you and miss you terribly!

Robyn said...

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm getting together with Leigh tonight to get all the scoop on the day . . . I can't wait!