Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm feeling crafty.

Maybe it’s this whole "being a wife" thing, but all I ever want to do is stay at the apartment. Thanks to the close proximity of my new quarters to my place of employment, I get to go home for lunch, which I’ve discovered is both a blessing and a curse. I love spending some extra time with Jordan, but I also find myself becoming severely distracted and rather unmotivated for my afternoon on the job.

In my time at home, I find myself aching to get crafty again. Now that the wedding is behind us, I’ve got a few projects up my sleeve. Here’s a sampling:

Silhouettes of the two of us to grace our new abode. Maybe a fun Christmas project?

A great idea for displaying our countless wedding well-wishes. Perhaps on the back of our front door? From Black Eiffel.

A do-it-yourself chandelier from Lowe's? Perfect for our dining/living room table, I think. From Paint in My Hair.

An advent calendar sounds fun. Go here to download the numbers yourself.

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jenna said...

Cute ideas!! I am felt SO crafty lately too!! Maybe it is all the blogging, Real Simple & Martha Stewart magazines, and the whole being home seeing all of Mom's homemade Christmas decor. Enjoy your crafting! :) Love ya!