Monday, December 29, 2008

:.snapshots of Christmas.:

Before after-Christmas-depression sets in, here’s a recap of our wonderful holiday:

Our delightful first-Christmas tree. A Christmas party with my crazy cousins and some crazy friends. Cookie-baking with my aunt, a 20-year-old tradition. A visit from Santa at our very own apartment. And a trip to visit lovely new family in Alabama.

Oh how I hate to see it go! I love Christmas and all it means: the family, the traditions, the movies, the music, the decorations, the traveling, the food, the gift-giving and the gift-receiving... It was a beautiful holiday season, full of all the good things Christmas is meant to contain.

Now it's on to 2009. I wonder what this year will bring?


chet said...

All your posts are so depressing! Cheer up sister!

Annie said...

Anyone depressed by this post can just look at Will's creeper face and be cheered up immediately.