Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Life is a little, shall we say, crazy right now... I'm swamped at work; Jordan's in the middle of finals; we're both recovering from sinus-like illnesses; our apartment needs a new roof and... soon we're going on our honeymoon. Plus, um, isn't Christmas on its way?


But in the middle of all this insanity: wedding pictures!

I can't post any to the blog (except this little shot, seen on the photographer's blog recently), but I can tell you to visit the viewing website.

Seriously, the pictures are worth it, I promise. You don't have to view all of them (there are oh, so many!), but the pre-ceremony, ceremony, and portrait groups are worth glancing through. Let me know what you think! Such a fun distraction from the crazy-ness.

Another nice break from the chaos? The advent service Jordan and I managed to attend Sunday night was AMAZING. Truly. The music was so beautiful, and the service helped me start the holidays off right. So peaceful. If you get the chance to attend a service similar, please do. You really won't regret it.

If you don't have the opportunity to check out an advent service in your area, listen to the service we attended. I loved how they told the entire story of Christ, God's plan to save us from the very beginning. The fact that the musicians and singers were so talented was just an added bonus.

I love that even during this crazy time of our year, there are still moments to soak in His glory, still moments to soak in His goodness.

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jenna said...

I listened to parts of the Advent service. Very cool. I want to go to one!! Yesterday I was kinda lost in downtown Huntsville, and I can across this amazing old Episcopal church. So I parked the car and went to explore. It was so cool! I had just missed one of their services, but I got to sit and have some quiet time. I thought that was a lovely little getaway that my Abba worked out for us! :)

I hope you are having a wonderful day, and you are feeling His peace, even in all the chaos!