Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Take two.

Dear grumpy Tuesday-morning self:

You seemed a little out of sorts this morning. I know you’re tired and a little run-down, but chin-up! Friends and family are heading into town this weekend for the most fabulous event: your wedding! In just a few short days, all of your planning and your hard work will be worth it. You’ll be a newly-married lady with a best friend for a husband.

Plus, there’s plenty that should make you happy today, despite your sleepy head!

All thank you notes have officially been caught up (except for your work: do you thank all 40 coworkers in one note, or write separate ones? Oddly, I’m not sure of the etiquette here).

The bridesmaids’ gifts are wrapped and beautiful. You really outdid yourself (if I do say so myself).

Speaking of bridesmaids, you pretty much have the greatest friends in the world. After all, one of the groomsman may have backed out Friday night, but your original bridesmaids still remain (sort of). Just take a look around. Your friends really are pretty amazing. And you get to see them very soon!

The Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatments you were slightly cynical about have worked wonders. You’re a healthier you, which is nice, since you’ll be a married grown-up soon.

Your last dance lesson is tonight, and even if your guests think you look silly, you and Jordan have had a blast. Remember, that’s what’s important.

You found a Blackberry for your future husband today for just $50. If his parents don’t get it for him for his birthday, you have a potential Christmas present for him on your hands. (Let's pretend, for now, that you can afford it.)

Tomorrow night you get to teach a bunch of hilarious kids the joys of mission work. They might drive you nuts, but they are pretty funny, after all.

Thursday you’ll get a half-day (or whole day, if you get up the guts to ask) to get ready for a fun-filled Friday. And, let’s face it: family + friends + delicious breakfast + Scripture-sharing + black&white dressing + movie about you & Jordan = FUN.

The program and menu are done, and you did them! It's okay to feel accomplished.

You’ve finished two out of the three lessons for Jewels well in advance, just like you wanted to. And in the process of planning, you were reminded of a pretty important lesson for yourself: God is in love with you even more than Jordan is. Pretty awesome.

So, see, self? There’s really no reason to be grumpy or tired today. The Creator of the universe is in love with you, and because He’s in love with you, Friday and Saturday are going to go excellently. You have nothing to worry about. God loves you and is going to keep taking care of you... Saturday won't change that.

"Perfect love drives out fear." I John 4:18

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Jenna said...

Oh sweet Annie, I love this post! I love God's love! And I love that that love is so powerful that fear cannot survive in the midst of that love. I SO wish I was going to be there this weekend. I know that it will be one of the most beautiful, God-filled and God-honoring, adorable, and fun wedding weekends ever!

You are wonderful, and I am so thankful that you are my friend.