Wednesday, November 12, 2008

10 days.

We’ve officially started the mental countdown. In just ten short days, Jordan and I will officially be a newly married couple. To overcome the “Oh-my-goodness-I’m-really-doing-this-soon” jitters, I’ve compiled a list of the ten reasons I’m ready to get married to my b.f.f.

10. Cold feet. There will always be someone on the other side of the bed to keep me warm, which may eliminate the current need for wearing socks to bed.

9. Heavy burdens. No more trying to make it by on my own; I’ll soon have someone to share my ups and downs with (and someone who can pick up my slack when my to-do list is overflowing!).

8. Practice makes perfect. I’ll admit, I’ve been not-so-thrilled about the whole name-change thing. But at least this will give me a chance to perfect a fun new signature, right?

7. Travelin’ through. We both love to travel, and now we finally get to travel together. Same hotel room and everything! Newport, Rhode Island, here we come!

6. Budget living. I’ve come to the conclusion that budgeting when you’re single is a difficult task. There’s just not much motivation. But when you know that you’re the breadwinner for a family of two… well, let’s just say the purse you found online no longer has much appeal.

5. Date nights, forts, and TV movies. Now we can build forts, cook meals, and watch movies in our very own apartment. A bonus? When the movie ends, neither one of us has to leave. Bonus two? Holidays together… We’re going to have our own tree this year!

4. Adventures in exercise. Exercise is another one of those things that has gone by the way side since graduation. It’s just that exercising alone isn’t much fun. Being married means I get a jogging/biking buddy and a personal trainer, all wrapped into one.

3. Grown up. I’m not 100% ready to grow up yet, but it’s nice to know I can continue the growing-up process with someone who understands the frustrations and pains that come with being a twenty-something.

2. Closer to God… Our friendship has always challenged me in my own relationship with the Father, and I have a feeling that marriage can only bring us closer to Him. I can’t wait to begin this new adventure!

1. Closer to each other. Am I a little nervous that in just over a week, I’ll be Mrs. Jordan Jones? A little, yes. But mostly, I'm filled with joy and the thought that soon, Jordan and I get to start living out what God has had in store for us. So, bring it on. I'm as ready as I'll ever be.


Jenna said...

You two are so cute!! I am excited for you!!!! I sure wish I could be there for the big day!!

chet said...

I'm going to be a twenty-something!

Hilary said...

So cute. Being married is wonderful. One of the things you listed was one we really looked forward to: going out on a date or watching a movie at home and no one has to go home!! Yea!! You both will be in our prayers as your exciting day approaches. We really hate missing it, but 8 months pregnant + two weekend car rides to Tally = not comfortable. Leigh will give us all the details!!