Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Joyful Existence

Despite the humid Florida weather, the start of September marks, for me, the beginning of my favorite season. As my younger cousin said yesterday, "Can't you feel fall?" Absolutely.

My fascination for autumn has a lot to do with the beautiful colors and the chill in the air, but something about the fall also signals new beginnings, fresh starts. I have this gut sensation that this year my favorite season is going to bring me some wonderful adventures, and that sensation has me feeling pretty joy-filled this morning. Other things that have me thinking happy thoughts?

- Jordan and I got our first wedding present on Sunday: our favorite game, Cranium! So exciting!

- The apartment is actually feeling pretty complete, and very much like a home. Yesterday, on my glorious day off, I just sat in our comfy brown chair (thank you, Papa!) and enjoyed our new place. I know I don't live there yet, but I like that I'm having time to adjust before November 22. Plus, our quirky little apartment is on the second floor, which makes me feel like we're living in our own little treehouse. I can't wait till the leaves change...

- Jason Mraz songs on my Pandora station.

- A beautiful new lamp for my desk at work is shedding much-needed light on my tasks, and believe it or not, it's helping me have a much better attitude on the job-- something I've been seriously lacking lately.

- A four-day work week!

-I finally got my checkbook straightened out yesterday. What a disaster! Money is not my strong suit, but the burden of an unbalanced checkbook has finally been removed.

- Our Bible class and re-starting my personal Bible study and quiet time (which, again, is something I've been lacking).

- An autumn resolution to improve my attitude and my relationships.

I think this is going to be a good few months. Thank you, Father, for autumn, for fresh starts, and for this joyful existence.

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chet said...

In the mornings you actually can feel fall... the cool breeze in your hair. But by noon its melting the flesh off you buns.