Monday, May 5, 2014

spoken in the shop, vol. 13.

On inventory
"Do you, like, know what books you have here?"


On slogans
Nine-year-old boy, gazing at our "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster:
"That should say 'Keep Calm and Carry a Book.'" 


On competition
"Last year, I came in second place for top reader at my school, and that is just not good enough."


On social expectations
Me, to four-year-old customer: "Uh-oh! Be careful; you're spilling your M&Ms!"
Four-year-old: "That's okay. You'll pick them up!"


On what I should be reading
 Customer: "Do you know what a mammoth is?"
Me: "Yes; they're like hairy elephants with those big tusks, right?"
Customer, in awe: "YES! Exactly! You would love this book! The mammoth hunter falls in love with a deer, and there's this fantastic orgy. You'll love it!"


On details
Mom: "He's looking for the Warrior books. Do you have those?"
Young boy: "Mom! I'm looking for the Warrior CATS books. Be more pacific!"


On realistic expectations
Mom: "Look, honey! This book is all about how brushing your teeth can be fun!"
Little boy: "No."


On mathematics
Me: "Let me know if you have any questions!"
Customer: "What's the square root of -2?"


On job opportunities
Five-year-old girl to father: "I want to work here when I grow up!"


Rachael L. Anderson said...

Those are great! You have a lot of good stories.

Feisty Harriet said...

The Warrior Cats books, my step-son loves them and I'm glad he finally told me they were about CATS because I could not find them anywhere, and, obviously, didn't assume he wanted a series on fighting felines. Ahem.


Danielle Skye said...

These posts have to be my favourite of any blog I read. People are too funny, and I am so glad you record this. Perfect for seeing the lighter side of life again.