Wednesday, January 22, 2014

spoken in the shop, vol. 9.

On indie bookstores
"Aren't there any larger, more corporate bookstores around here? I'm just kind of surprised this is it." 

On pop culture icons
Customer: "Please tell me you do not have a book on Miley Cyrus."
Me: "I do not have a book on Miley Cyrus."
Customer: "Great. Thanks. Now I can at least tell my granddaughter I asked." 


On pricey fountain pens
"If you have some that write on gold, I might buy them."


On store design
"This is embarrassing, but the way you've set up the store doesn't really make sense. Why is the nonfiction over here away from the fiction?"


On Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo
 Me: "What would you do if you saw a lion playing a bassoon?"
Three-year-old boy: "Shoot 'em."


On waiting for the paperback 
"I guess I'd better go ahead and buy it then. I'll probably be dead next year."


monster cakes said...

hahaha Is it just me, or were these particularly odd and hilarious this week? LOVE these posts. Thank you for taking the time to share friend.

Brittany said...

I couldn't love these posts any more. I'm jealous you get to eavesdrop on these convos all day long (among many other much less entertaining tasks, I'm sure).

Brittany said...

Your "Spoken" series is my favorite!

Sydney said...

hahaha, as usual, people continue to be wonderful and strange.