Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the last weekend in October.

I'm writing this on a Monday afternoon, cuddled on the couch, When Harry Met Sally playing in the background. It was a whirlwind weekend, full of lovely fall things. October has been so good to me, and this weekend was no exception. 

Friday, we went to a stage production of And Then There Were None in Thomasville; Saturday I worked, then we met up for a little house hunting. Maybe it was the weather -- absolutely gorgeous -- but I loved both houses we saw, and it gave me such hope for our future. So many things about moving to Thomasville scare me: rebuilding community, finding our way in a small Southern town, developing friendships, and making the store a success. Looking at houses together -- houses I actually like and can see us in -- did so much to bolster my spirits. 

Saturday night, we went to a costume party hosted by some friends, and I was reminded, once again, about the community we have here, already in place. Plus, as much as I rather loathe dressing up, I was pretty pumped about my costume. Rosie Riveter for the win, always. 

We left the party a little early in preparation for our super early morning Sunday. We got up at 5 and made the drive to Atlanta for the Country Living fair. Here's the thing: I think admission is a little ridiculous ($26 including the $10 park fee!), but it was really fun to shop for antiques and other beautiful things outside on Stone Mountain. I might not recommend going every year, but going once or twice? Well worth it, and a fun fall adventure for me and Jordan. I only wished we had a little more money to play around with; there were some really lovely things that would have looked perfect in our home. Next time, for sure. 

A couple of weeks ago, a reader (acquaintance? friend? fellow blogger?) commented about how sad my blog had seemed lately; she encouraged me to get out and walk in the rain and live a little. The truth is, the comment stung, mostly because, people: I AM TRYING. The blogs I read and enjoy are authentic, true-to-life. The only way I know how to write this blog is to do so honestly, and honestly? These have been hard months. My 27th year has been a difficult one, and apparently I'm not alone in the struggle. Thank goodness for posts like this one, that remind me it's okay to struggle a bit, as long as I don't give up. 

I have not given up. I have fought hard this month, and I'm happy to say: Things are looking up. We've got a business meeting this week I'm a little anxious about (perhaps details at a later time, perhaps not), so I'm looking at my calendar, hoping we can make it to Halloween with my happiness still intact. I've learned so much, though, this month, about happiness, about my job, about my relationships. This was a good month for me, a month of growing and stretching and learning. There have blessings in the form of book clubs and homecooked meals, Twin Peaks marathons and When Harry Met Sally viewings. I have been blessed by costume parties and road trips, phone calls with friends and packages in the mail. 

Life is hard, but it is good. That's what I learned this month. 


RA said...

Mm. I scrinch my nose at exhortations to "live a little." Sometimes living, trying, and bettering looks a lot like hard work. I appreciate your perspective from the thick of it. Carry on. :)

Brittany said...

That reader/acquaintance/friend/fellow blogger wasn't very fair. The hard things often mean that you're living a LOT. So good for you. Sometimes blogs are sad or hard or discouraged because life is sad, hard, and discouraged. I love reading your honesty, and I imagine so many others do too. Love to you from out here in Utah.

Laura said...

I saw that comment and wondered how it made you feel. I honestly thought when I read it that it was a strange thing to say, as I actually prefer reading about someone's real life as opposed to happy fluffy writing. I love that you tell it all!

P.S. I watched You've Got Mail the other day and thought of you! You are totally Kathleen Kelly.

Hailey Marie said...

Again, completely inspired and uplifted by your posts~ your honesty and humor and matter-of-factness gives me hope and perspective when I'm feeling funky. I love how our paths, through this thing called "young adultness" mirror each others so often and through blogging we can connect with others who are experiencing so many of the same things. Yes, sometimes hard and "gloomy", but also so, so good. That's life! And you ARE living it… a lot. Also… jealous of the Country Living Fair, it's on my bucket list! Maybe once one of those little Southern dream homes is yours, you can antique to your heart's desire!

lisa wojeski said...

I agree about the CL Fair. Admission and the Food Vendors where both overpriced