Monday, January 28, 2013

resolution tools.

We have almost an entire month behind us already in 2013. At the risk of sounding like your grandmother, where has the time gone?

I've done a pretty good job thus far of maintaining my resolutions; the only one I seem to be struggling with is the one I thought would be easiest: sending a list of three things I'm grateful for each day to my cousin. Is there any app or something that can remind me to contact her at the same time every day? I'm grateful for things each day; I simply forget to send the text.

Anyway, I've otherwise been successful, and I've found a couple of useful tools in resolution-keeping I thought I'd share with you.

- Pedometer app: I use this every day when I do my morning walk to make sure I complete the full mile. I read somewhere I should be walking 10,000 steps a day. Days I work the store I'm nowhere close, but weekend errand running puts me near the top. The app keeps track of how many calories you burn (it asks for your weight and height) and counts your steps until you've been still for two hours; then it automatically shuts off. I think it's perfect for my needs, and it's free, so that helps too.

- good workout clothes: Jules posted a while ago on the importance of looking good/feeling good while you exercise. Whether we like it or not, a large part of how we feel is dependent on how we look, the clothes we wear, etc. Exercising in oversized sweatpants just wasn't working for me, and while I don't think I'll be able to justify a Lululemon purchase ever, I did buy a couple of GapFit and Old Navy Active pieces. All have been well-worth their cost and go a long way in making me feel athletic... even if I don't really have an athlete's bone in my body. (Also, Jordan and I made a deal: If I stick to my monthly fitness goals -- this month's was to walk or jog a mile every day -- I'll get to reward myself with one new piece of workout clothing a month. By the end of the year, I should have amassed a nice little quality wardrobe. Huzzah!)

- lunch sack: I think it's easier to work out when you have cute, comfortable workout clothes, and I think it's easier to pack my lunch now that I have a fun sack to carry it in. Jordan got me this one for Christmas; it doesn't hold much, but I don't need room for much. I've been packing cheese, crackers, some fruit, celery, ranch, and a couple of dark chocolate squares, and combined, they make the perfect lunch.

- water bottle: Okay, it doesn't make me drink more water. That's a habit I think I'm just going to have to develop on my own. But, it is cute, and it's nice to not have to tote around a plastic bottle every day. 

- Anthropologie candle: For Christmas, Jordan's parents bought me the famous Capri Blue candle, which I've wanted for forever but could never justify purchasing for myself. Now, though, anytime I'm feeling down about doing laundry or cleaning up the house, I light the candle to get me in the mood for some sprucing. It works wonders, and it's lovely to light on a winter night.

These are what have been inspiring me to keep my resolutions. What about you?


jenna said...

Okay. So where do I get a contract to make with myself like to one that appears in this post's picture?
Cause I want one!

Seek First said...

With eating better and wanting to reach my goal weight, it's been awesome to have an online community doing the same--Danielle Burkleo has organized a group and it's been awesome. Just knowing someone else is out there trying to do it too helps. And my husband is jumping on the bandwagon as of today, which will make late night snacking a lot easier if we can't do it together!