Wednesday, January 23, 2013

a little wishing.

Guess what I just realized? I'm turning 27 next week, and even though I have lots of different celebratory plans up my sleeve, I had no idea the day was getting so close. (It's February 2, if you're curious.) In honor of the impending date -- and during priceless moments I'm sure I should have spent finishing freelance projects -- I compiled this little list of some of my favorite, yet-to-be-turned-into-reality Pinterest pins. And while yes, these are all gifts I'd love to receive for 27, I'm pretty sure you guys might like them too. 

I'm curious: How do you all celebrate your birthdays? I know I'm a grown-up, but I think everybody deserves a fun celebration, even if it's low-key. So what do you do when your special day rolls around? Breakfast in bed? A trip to the movies? Flowers? A dinner party?

Let me know in the comments!


Anonymous said...

For most of my teenage years, my family and I would go to the Cleveland Art Museum for my birthday :) (It's in 3 days, so it was always too cold to do something outside.)

Now, I'm engaged to a guy who actually shares my birthday! So we go out to dinner & soak in all the "Aww! You guys have the same birthday!" when waiters check our IDs haha

Angela said...

My birthday was today. I did coffee and crepes with my closest friends, nails with my sister and cousin, then dinner with my love.
A perfect day!

paulakiger said...

Money has been tight for us the last few years as we dealt with hubs's unemployment. He's also just not that much of a birthday celebration lover in general. This year I took things in my own hands and did something that was free as well as meaningful to me: created an "optimistic" checkin on FourSquare:

Sabrina said...

Happy almost birthday:) Stay well!