Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013: choose.

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It took me a while to settle on a word for this year, on the resolutions and goals that would guide my footsteps in 2013, and now that I have, I'm finding myself challenged in all kinds of ways, as if the universe is taunting me, daring me to prove I can accomplish what I set out to do. 

Consider this your warning, then, universe: It's on. 

This year's word is choose, for all kinds of reasons, though like last year's word -- awaken -- I expect it will morph and change into something completely different from what I originally intended. That's okay. To be expected, even. I look back at 2012, and I see how my soul was awakened and changed in ways I never anticipated when I wrote out my expectations for the year. This year will be no different, I'm sure. 

For now, though, here's what I'm hoping 2013 holds, in the form of some basic goals and resolutions set with my word in mind. 

Choose health. 
Pack my lunches the night before. Did I mention the bookstore is in a cupcake shop? Two doors down from Whataburger? I've become a fast food junkie, and I'm not proud of it. It's time to change, not for my weight's sake, but for my health's sake. I want to get in the habit of packing my lunch the night before, since I'm terrible about remembering to do it in the morning when I get up. 

- Drink water. I'm not planning on giving up soda completely, but I'd like to drink water as much as possible, and more often. 

- Walk or jog a mile a day from now until my birthday. I've got high hopes of incorporating Jazzercise into my life (seriously), but until I can pay for my weekly class, I'd like to at least walk around my neighborhood, maybe even eventually build up to jogging. I'm not the world's most consistent exercise-er, so just getting into the habit of strapping on my tennis shoes and getting out the door would be a huge accomplishment. I'd love to see a new habit like this encourage me to get outside and in nature more, and I'm hopeful if I do this until February 2, I'll want to continue something similar for the rest of the year.

Choose creativity. 
- Blog three times a week. I think I have a new plan for this little blog of mine, but while I get some things down on paper, I'd like to at least write here three times a week. I've missed this hobby so much, and I've got so many words I'm ready to let the world see. Three times a week seems like a doable goal, and I think having a schedule of sorts will help someone like me who relies on to-do lists and checkmarks. 

- Journal/draw. I don't want my only creative outlet to be blogging -- especially since my new schedule makes it tough to write daily posts. I'd like to keep a journal filled with Scripture, quotes, highlights of my day... anything to get me in the habit of recording my life again.

Choose light. 
- Join She Reads Truth. I'm not doing BSF this year due to my new schedule, and although I miss it, I'm relieved to not have yet another thing to do during the week. As a result, though, I'm struggling to find time to read Scripture and prayers, and although I'm not committing to joining the She Reads Truth community regularly, I think it's a nice place to start. Jordan's also doing the daily hours, so I may join him in that endeavor as well.

- Share thoughts of gratitude. I'm blatantly copying this idea from Sarah at Pink of Perfection, but every day this year, I'm planning to text my cousin three specific things I'm grateful for on that given day; she, in turn, plans to do the same to me. We started last night, and -- after a particularly challenging evening -- it was the absolute perfect way to end my day. I think this could be one of my favorite habits if I make it stick.

So that's the plan. I'm giving myself some leniency this year, and I'm also considering focusing on one of these "choices" every fourth month or so. In other words, I plan to spend the first third of the year really focused on my health, the second third on creativity, and the final third on light. That should help these goals feel more doable and less overwhelming.

A lot of people, I think, struggle with New Year's resolutions, treating them like absolute bunk or setting lofty goals they'll never achieve. I love this time of year, though. I love thinking about the past and dreaming about the future and what it holds. Goal-setting inspires me, and generally, I wind up accomplishing a lot of the goals I set. (I'm five for seven on my 2012 resolutions.)

This year, I know I'll be faced with a lot of choices. It's only January 2, and I've already had to make tough decisions in my relationships and in order to achieve the goals I've set. I think, though, if I focus on choosing health, choosing creativity, and choosing light, 2013 will be exactly the year I long for: one in which I grow and change more and more into the person I'd like to one day be.


Brittany said...

I love your resolutions, and I'm really impressed by how specific they are. I'm still working on mine (it takes me a few days to ease into the new year), but your list is definitely inspiring me.

Love the new look here too.

monster cakes said...

my mom has been a jazzercise instructor my entire life (even when I was in her belly!). i spent a lot of my childhood running around the gym while she taught, and many days as a teenager and an adult doing the classes with her. let me just tell you right now: it is hard. i don't care if it's silly or the crowd is a bit aged, it's a good work out! so don't let anyone mock you. i've been an athlete my entire life, but my mom STILL kicks my butt in jazzercise class and had a 6 pack for most of her life... when i clearly did not. go get it girl!

Alexa said...

I love this! I pick a word every year too. This year my word is "calm." I love how you broke your resolutions down to fit "choose." So inspiring!