Wednesday, August 29, 2012

beautifully rooted || signs.

{photo by Jahnvi}

Sometimes we see the signs, but we look straight through them. We tend to look for something bigger, clearer, and we miss what's right in front of us.

Last month, I tearfully confessed to my husband I'd been feeling discontent with my job and with my career. I longed for a change, but I wasn't sure what that change would look like. Together, we took that need to the Father. We chose to pray boldly, asking for opened doors and new opportunities.

One week later, I had a job offer to run a bookstore in my hometown.
I was thrilled, but I was also hesitant. I worried about money, about job security, about working retail, about missing Saturday football games.

Despite a fairly clearcut sign from above -- an out-of-the-blue job offer I never in a million years could have anticipated -- I needed more proof.

I needed more than the sign I'd been given.

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Laura said...

Loved this post! You have such a way with words - beautifully written but so relatable and down to earth. Happy for you in your new job! I'm glad you were brave enough to take the leap into something you love!

vintage grey said...

Over from Beautifully Rooted! So happy to be your newest follower! Congrats on you new job! Sounds so great! Blessings, Heather