Thursday, February 2, 2012


{photo by Carl Zoch}

I'm feeling a little under the weather this morning, but I'm ignoring it. Today, I turn 26. And no amount of fog or humidity or stuffy head is going to get in the way of celebrating my birthday.

Of course, the irony is that I just don't have much planned this year. (I know; I'm as shocked as you are.) Normally I've got some blowout party I'm planning in my head, but this year, nothing. And you know what? That's okay too. It doesn't make this day any less celebratory. Jordan and I will go out to dinner, and I'll enjoy lunch with my parents. Maybe I'll lounge around at home in my sweatpants; maybe I'll paint my nails. This weekend, we've got some fun plans with friends and a Saturday full of absolutely nothing (in case I decide I want a little party after all). It's going to be a good birthday; I can feel it.

In fact, it's not just going to be a good birthday; I'm hoping for a good year. I've got 10 things I'd like to accomplish while I'm 26. I know a lot of bloggers try to complete these "26 things before I turn 26" lists, but it's a bit much for me. I've already got new year's goals and resolutions. I feel like I'm setting myself up for failure if I do much more. So instead, I've got 10 pretty simple tasks I want to tackle before next February rolls around.

Rent a house.  
Throw Jordan a birthday party.
Run/jog a 5k.
Give up shopping for Lent.
Go see my first midnight showing of a movie.
Find a drink I like enough to not feel awkward at cocktail parties and networking functions.
Finish Anna Karenina.
Find a new church home.
See the west coast.
Go on a spiritual retreat.

There you have it. My 26th year in a nutshell.

I have high hopes.


The Learned Lady said...

Happy birthday!! Hope it's a great one. Great "task" list to complete before you hit the big 2-7, my favorite is "Find a wine I like enough to not feel awkward at cocktail parties and networking functions"! Don't worry if you don't find a wine that you like - it's an acquired taste for most people, and not a requirement for social acceptance. I often drink a mix of cranberry juice and club soda, which always looks festive and tastes great. :)

monster cakes said...

SEE THE WEST COAST!!! Specifically Oregon!!! I'm holding you to it. Happy Birthday sweet friend! I'm sending a little love your way in the mail today. A belated gift, if you will. Love you! xxxxooo

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday young friend! I had high hopes of actually sending a card to you snail mail, but life has continuously gotten in the way of my new year hopes and behaviorial changes - but know I wish you the very best and that you're able to accomplish your 10 things before this time next year! That sounds like a plan for me as well - give myself a year to accomplish some things...not set myself up for failure if I don't accomplish them on a particular day! Love and best wishes!

Erin said...

Just stumbled across your blog and love all of your inspiring lists and all of your book recommendations and all of the ways you reflect on life.
Happy birthday! I hope it is a great year!

brie. said...

oh happy birthday! 26 is such a good felt so un-pressured. regarding the wine, i suggest starting in the rose category - not as sharp as whites often are, not as spicy as reds :)

and i really like the giving up shopping for lent...i'm considering what to do this year myself.

blessings for a fantastic year, may you see the fingerprints of our creator all year long.

Chelsea said...

Happy birthday, lady!! Hope it's marvelous :)

Julie said...

Happy birthday to you! I'm 27 now, and I think 26 was a great year. Love what brie said about it feeling "un-pressured". Seems like sort of a downer, but it was lovely!

jennifer blair said...

Happy birthday! I hope this year is spectacular!

Leslie said...

I hope you have a beautiful birthday, Annie!! Wishing you rest and joy today. And, I think your list of 10 is a great plan.

jenna said...

Happy birthday, dear friend!!

(Also, can I please be a part of this spiritual retreat? And as for the west coast, do it! I love the San Diego area! Or Oregon-- never been there but SO want to! Maybe I could join there too? haha) :)

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday! They all seem like really obtainable goals too which is nice. I want to give up something for Lent but I'm not sure what...

Have fun celebrating!

Sarah said...

Happy birthday - hope you have a great day and a great year! (Just a little food for thought from the owner of a small specialty shop -who also makes Lenten sacrifices!- maybe instead of giving up shopping altogether for Lent, just commit to shop more thoughtfully or supporting only local business during Lent. :)

Rachael L. Anderson said...

Happy Birthday!! Mine is Monday. I agree about the wine..I just don't like the taste of it! Enjoy your day!!

mary kate said...

happy birthday annie! I love your list of things to do before next february!

TefMarie said...

All of that sounds like it will make for an amazing 26th year! Also, now I know why C.Jane responded today...because it is your birthday and she wanted you to be excited about something, so it's a Birthday miracle thanks to you! :)

Hope today was just what you wanted it to be! Welcome to the smartphone club, btw.

Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday:) Have a fulfilling and wonderful year!!

Cindy P said...

Happy, happy birthday! I love your list of things to do while you're 26! I don't know that I could give up shopping for Lent! You're a brave woman! =)
I hope you are able to accomplish all of your goals and that this year IS your best one yet!

Annie said...

happy birthday, Annie! i hope you had an amazing day!

i actually wrote out a 25 before 25 list for myself almost a year and a half ago and i think i've crossed off exactly one thing on that list so far. i may change it or just not hold myself to it, because although there are a lot of things i want to do, i don't want to hold myself to an arbitrary standard i made at 19. you change a lot in those five, six years, i think, & i want to allow room for that growth. i think a list of ten for the year works perfectly.

incidentally, i would also like to go to my first midnight showing of a movie - and i want it to be the hunger games! & let's be real: if it doesn't happen then, it may never. i don't venture out to movie theatres much at all; if i'm going to do so at midnight i had better really want to see the movie!

Brunella Supertramp said...

Uhm arrived later.
i'm so sorry Annie, but with all my heart Happy Birthday from Italy!

Megan Elizabeth said...

hooray for birthdays!! hope you have a wonderful birthday and birthday weekend, don't you just love extending your birthday for days? :)
love the list!