Wednesday, January 4, 2012

it's a new year.

It's a new year, so in the Jones' household, we are...

- getting up early.

- drinking green smoothies for breakfast.

- doodling in new prayer journals.

- bringing home groceries in reusable bags.

- taking long walks.

- making creative messes.

- leaving up our Christmas lights just a little bit longer.

- listening to good music and making plans for Jazz Fest.

- adjusting to new routines.

- cooking yummy meals.

- going to bed really, really tired.


What have you done so far this new year?


monster cakes said...

So I'm very proud of you. BECAUSE green smoothies are the bomb and getting up early is tough but so rewarding! I did it all last year and loved it. You can do it friend! Good for you! So far this year... I've made my own Dave R. wallet (dividers inside my hobo wallet), reworked our budget to save more for the future, and started praying at night with husband. Off to a good start!

memory said...

I love that y'all are leaving up your Christmas lights just a little longer. I wish we had done the same because I'm already ready to put them back up!

I love your resoultions. I haven't jotted mine down yet, but I am eager to (:

Happy twenty-twelve, Annie!

I'm having a giveaway & would love for you to enter

Sydney said...

well done!! Sticking to your goals/resolutions is soooo much easier if you have someone doing it with you!! Love it :)

Purposely at Home said...

sounds like y'all are having a great new year already! praying and thinking about you during this time with your grandmother...


Julianne said...

That all sounds great, Annie! How are the green smoothies? I especially like creative messes. In fact, that's almost all I've done so far this year! I made Baby a little crib quilt in my first ever sewing experiment! Definitely not perfect, but I'm considering it a success. :)

Elizabeth Dean said...

how are the green smoothies?

I've never tried them, myself, but there's a Paleo version that is very popular.

Denise said...

I love this! I've been collecting reusable bags.. I've been on a recycling spree lately!!

Anonymous said...

writing for pleasure and enjoying slow moving.

Sabrina said...

So far I have been better about commenting on others blogs. Taken quiet moments of self-reflection. Purposefully enjoyed family and friends and the gorgeous weather in Florida:)

Jessica said...

what do the green smoothies taste like? what add ins have you found to be the tastiest?