Tuesday, December 6, 2011

what is it with new year's eve?

I am normally, as you know, all about the celebrating.

But I cannot, for the life of me, understand New Year's Eve.

I mean, I want to. Really I do.

Every year, I have these visions of me prancing around the city, a la Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

I love looking at pretty dresses and dreaming about parties and envisioning Jordan and I having fun with all of our friends dancing the night away.

And then I realize: My New Year's Eve never looks like that.

Mostly it's me and Jordan, sitting on the couch, watching Ryan Seacrest countdown to the ball drop.

In the past, it's included a handful of friends or family and late night battles of Nertz.

But not once has there been a fancy dress or a night on the town. (Admittedly, this is probably because we are not really fancy-dress or night-on-the-town people.)

I'm not sure what I think about that.

Part of me prefers the snuggled-at-home-on-the-couch version. I am happy there, and it is such a nice, calm way to start off the year.

There's another part of me, though, that likes -- of course -- getting together with friends, that wishes for a fun dinner out with those we love.

And yes, there's a part of me that kind of wants to wear sequins.

So sue me.


What do you do for New Year's Eve?
Do these fancy parties even exist, or are they some kind of bizarre marketing ploy designed by romantic comedy movie writers?


monster cakes said...

I've never understood it either. I always felt like it was the day for everyone to get collectively drunk. haha Justin always has to lead a worship service that night, so I usually go to bed at 10 or just snuggle with my pups and drink hot coco while watching movies all night. Last year, I had my own personal sparkle party and bedazzled a sweater while painting my nails with sparkles. Maybe this year I'll just tweet you so I feel like I'm sitting on the couch watching movies with you and Jordan. ; )

Sarah Martin said...

I too dream about a glittery, champaign filled night on the town. But, snuggling up at home is where we end up. Maybe one day...

Hailey Marie said...

New Years is like Halloween...no one knows what they're doing til last minute. I too dream about fancy parties downtown...but the irony is that when we do end up going out on New Years, part of me wishes we had just stayed home for a quiet night in, "cheersing" the New Year on our couch. Oh, and Nertz trumps plans anyday! :)

Julie said...

I have had several fancy and sparkly New Year's but the one's spent at home warm and snug on the couch are far better than the one's spent all decked out. I just don't think New Year's is that big of a deal:)


Rachael L. Anderson said...

A lot of people rag on New Years Eve because of all the hype not leading to anything. But I just love it because (just like watching the fireworks on July 4th), it is a small window where everyone freezes and celebrates life/beauty.I have visions of When Harry Mat Sally too, or singing Auld Lang Syne around a piano and glitter falling from the ceiling. It kinda happened once, but very far from the movie. But as long as I'm with people I love, that's all that matters.

Mommyblogger said...

Our New Years Eve is pretty much like yours except we set off fireworks with the kids at midnight. I thought it was just us being homebodies. I didn't realize others actually celebrated like that too!!!

Annie said...

my family's new year's, as we've gotten older, has increasingly looked more like your new year's. last year on new year's eve, i was about 20-30 minutes away from finishing the lord of the rings, which i had never read before, and my family had to all but physically drag me out of the house so we could set off some fireworks in the driveway. it was cold. mordor was preparing to destroy middle earth. & 2011 didn't feel any different than 2010.

well, it was colder. being that i was standing outside & all.

Emily Juliette said...

I find New Years eve is often over rated, this year me and my friends are renting a cottage in the English countryside, 5 friends, champagne and a bit of sparkle but a log fire... fingers crossed it all goes to plan!

Kelly Sauer said...

We go to bed early on New Year's Eve too often. I think maybe I will try dressing up for it, even if we stay in. Maybe we'll go out and dance under the streetlight, do something I'd like to photograph if I saw someone else doing it. You've piqued the romance for me now...

You'll have to tell us what you do!