Monday, December 19, 2011

a happier 2012.

{photo by Jory Cordy}

It is too early for me to begin to think too seriously about my resolutions and goals for 2012. For that to happen, I’d need time to sit and reflect quietly, and there just hasn’t been enough of that these past few weeks. Instead, my calendar has been full of commitments — fun commitments, but commitments just the same — and my mind has been full of thoughts: some frustrated, some angry, some hopeful, some sad. It has been a roller coaster, this last little part of 2011, and I am praying that when December 31 rolls around, I can shut the door on all the things that have produced tears and stress and hurt. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that the start of a new year means a completely blank slate. Instead, I will have to work to achieve the peace and happiness I’ve been craving. The door will not close without cleaning the things that are behind it first.

Nevertheless, I have been thinking of ways to prevent the baggage and the clutter from building up again. So to be happier — a vague term, I know, so I suppose you could also substitute “content” — in 2012, I’ve got some things up my sleeve. Not goals, not resolutions. Let’s call them plans. I have plans for 2012. Simple, practical, achievable plans. Plans that I believe will contribute to the overall health and well-being of my body and my soul.

To be happier in 2012...

I must read more and watch TV less.

I must exercise.

I must go to bed early.

I must get up early.

I must cement a regular quiet time.

I must establish a routine.

I must embrace my inner renaissance woman.

There will be more to come on these as I say goodbye to 2011 and turn my attention to 2012. For now, though, I’m going to be thinking on how to accomplish these, and what these simple changes might mean for my life in the new year. I have been mulling over a word that will direct the next 12 months in the way “celebration” lovingly dictated the past 12, been thinking about how I want to look and act and feel this time next year. Lots of thoughts are running through my head, but so far, it’s these seven overarching principles that keep coming back. These are the ones that really, I should have implemented long before now, the ones that will keep me sane when my world goes haywire.

What are you hoping for 2012?


Kelly Sauer said...

*grin* I will urge a little caution on the "routine." If you get too caught up in a routine, you will be unable to feel free to live in times when you must. I speak from my own ridiculous experience... ;-)

The Learned Lady said...

Those are all wonderful plans for 2012 - and my list would look very similar, plus one line about "I must work on my dissertation" would be added to my list!!!

Anonymous said...

In all areas of my life.

Easier said than done, but so revolutionary.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love your words! I was silly excited because I wrote my list over the weekend, and it pretty much looked the same. :)!

brie. said...

contentedness is such an elusive thing. but so satisfying when found. for 2012 i'm hoping to settle, into our marriage and our flat and into knowing that i've got just everything i've ever needed. HE has done that for me.

Elizabeth Dean said...

don't forget the awesome 28 day challenge!

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts. I have been blessed to be a glass is half full person most of my life. in 2012, I hope to see the rest of the glass get filled up and that it runs over so much my feet will never be dry. Your life and desires are a great example to others. I don't know adept I would be at embracing an inner renaissance woman, so I will try to embrace a more graceful and thoughtful me.


Sabrina said...

Last night I clarified my 2012 major themes. First is positive growth, in all areas. Just broad enough to guarantee some success:)The other is to have hope. I want to live a more hopeful life in 2012. Increased hope in God's will, and people and myself.