Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 days of love letter writing.

 Remember this post?

A few weeks ago, Hannah emailed me with an opportunity to serve. To get outside of myself. To stop dwelling on my own issues and to be part of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing campaign. I was hesitant, but I said yes.

It's a small gesture, to reach out and let someone -- an unknown someone -- feel loved and cared for, to send words out to people who need them the very most. Small, but at the same time, really really big. And for me, the opportunity to turn my own thoughts into actions for someone else came at the absolute perfect time.

From December 5-17, the World Needs More Love Letters organization is diving into their biggest love letter writing campaign yet, and they've asked for my help. And, as it so happens, your help.

Today, thanks to Hannah and her team's efforts, we have an opportunity to send words of peace and joy to someone in desperate need. So today, in the middle of your conference calls and meetings, in between Facebook messages and blog posts, pull out a piece of paper. Pick up a card at the drug store. Dig through your box of too-often-ignored stationary. And write a love letter to Anthony.

From Hannah:

"Anthony recently lost the love of his life and high school sweetheart to a 10-year-battle with cancer. The two were one anothers’ first loves and Anthony held her hand, fighting until the end. Anthony’s niece requested this letter for her uncle, writing, 'She was his best friend and soul mate. They had no children, just each other. The holidays will be really hard for him this year so I think he would benefit greatly from these love letters.'"

I cannot imagine the pain and the grief. To be perfectly honest, I am overwhelmed by it. I've heard so many stories like this in the past couple of months, and they are crippling. I was worried my words might not be enough. 

But then I remembered that they don't have to be enough. Someone else is. I can just offer comfort and care in the best ways I know how: with words and time and effort. 

Will you please join me in sending a love letter to Anthony this week? (You can find letter writing tips here.) The holidays, I know, are a difficult time to be without someone you love. Anthony could, I am sure, use the reminder that there are people out there who love and care. Sometimes, that is all we can do. Sometimes, it is enough.

If you're like me, there's plenty to distract you this holiday season. I am feeling pulled in all sorts of directions, and none of them seems easy or doable or right. But doing for someone else? Loving someone else? Well, that's something I can do. That's something that is right. 

You don’t need to be a writer or a blogger to participate. Just let Anthony know you took the time to care.  

Send your letter to: 

More Love Letters
PO Box 2061
North Haven, CT 06473 

At the end of the week, More Love Letters will gather all of our love letters and send them off to Anthony. I'd like to think that mail day will be a very good day indeed. 

(Oh, and if you do choose to write a letter, would you be kind enough to let me or Hannah know? You can find me on Twitter here, and Hannah here.)


Becky said...

Yes yes! Thanks for being a part of this campaign with us! Here's hoping Anthony will feel lots of love this holiday season!

Kari said...

I would like to do this. Here is my question: should we address Anthony's loss? Or only focus on the positive?

annie said...

@Kari - I addressed his loss, though admittedly, only vaguely. I wanted to remind him that in times of loneliness, someone still cares. In the holiday season, when the pain of loss can be felt so strong, he is still loved. I tried to stay positive, but I also wanted to be honest. Hope that helps!

Kelly Sauer said...

Oh I wonder if my four-year-old wouldn't just love this!

Luisa Rodríguez said...

great initiative!

it must be (so)... liberating